Calvary Kidz Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to teach our kids the Good News of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible.

We use music, videos, crafts, games etc. to facilitate learning in a loving, caring and fun environment for the kids.

We use the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum to reach these goals.

Your kids will love it and you will be amazed how much they learn!

Sept 2018 - Nov 2018

God Created Everything

  • Sept 02:  God Created the World
  • Sept 09:  God Created People
  • Sept 16:  Sin Entered the World
  • Sept 23:  Noah And the Ark
  • Sept 30:  The Tower of Babel
  • Oct 07:  The Suffering of Job

God Formed A Nation

  • Oct 14:  God's Covenant with Abraham
  • Oct 21:  Abraham and Isaac
  • Oct 28:  Isaac and Rebekkah
  • Nov 04:  God's Promise to Isaac

The Nation Grew

  • Nov 11:  Jacob and Esau
  • Nov 18:  Jacob and Rachel
  • Nov 25: Jacob's New Name