Our curriculum is designed to teach our kids the Good News of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible.

We use music, videos, crafts, games etc. to facilitate learning in a loving, caring and fun environment for the kids.

We use the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum to reach these goals.

Your kids will love it and you will be amazed how much they learn!


October 2019 - February 2020

The Southern Kingdom of Judah

  • Oct 20:  Isaiah, Prophet to Judah
  • Oct 27:  Hezekiah and Josiah
  • Nov 3:  Jeremiah, Prophet to Judah
  • Nov 10:  Habakkuk the Prophet
  • Nov 17:  Judah Taken Captive
  • Nov 24:  Ezekiel Gave Hope

Hope in Exile

  • Dec 1: The Fiery Furnace
  • Dec 8: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
  • Dec 15:  Daniel in the Lion's Den
  • Dec 22:  Jesus Was Born
  • Dec 29:  Daniel's Dream

Return to the Land

  • Jan 5:  Obadiah the Prophet
  • Jan 12:  The Captives Came Home
  • Jan 19:  The Temple Was Rebuilt
  • Jan 26:  Zechariah the Prophet

The People Restored

  • Feb 2:  Esther Saved Her People
  • Feb 9:  The Walls Rebuilt
  • Feb 16:  God's People Repented
  • Feb 23:  Malachi the Prophet