After becoming a Christian in 1988, Pastor Jim (then working in the business world) walked into Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in 1999 and began to learn and love the Bible in a special way.  He fell in love with Calvary’s model of “simply teaching the Bible simply,” and after serving in the Youth Ministry, he went into the pastoral training program and joined the staff of the church.

In 2004 his pastor, Lloyd Pulley, encouraged him to start a Bible study. It was the vision of both Pastor Jim and his wife (Pam) to move to an area where they did not know anyone and see what the Lord would do. Shortly after starting the Bible study, another pastor approached Pastor Jim about taking over their facility since the church was closing. Pastor Jim met the landlord and explained they had no money and no bank account. The landlord decided to "take a chance" on us. Two days later, Walmart approached Pastor Jim to rent the facility from him to conduct their job interviews and so they opened our bank account!  Three days later, on March 6th, 2005 Calvary Chapel Morris Hills had its 1st service.  

Since then, the church has seen significant growth and undertaken three building expansions. All this by the grace of God and a simple vision to grow a church with the best taught and best loved people that God would bring us and He has been faithful!