Pastor Jim Keavney

Pastor Jim Keavney is our founding pastor and teaching pastor. He is also the host of radio program Changed By Love.  His teaching style is usually described as “real” by the people who attend and his sermons are known for their clarity and passion for God’s word. His experience as a husband, father, and business owner often translates into “real life” applications of God’s Word. He is married to his lovely wife Pam and has 3 amazing kids! Pastor Jim can be contacted via e-mail at


Pastor Jon Pollick

Pastor Jon is the assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Morris Hills.  One of his biggest passions is discipleship and learning how to live everyday life passionately pursuing Jesus Christ. Pastor Jon is married to his best friend, Nicole, and they have 4 beautiful kids: Lila, Titus, Abigail, and Joshua.  He and his family came to Calvary Chapel Morris Hills after serving on the foreign missions field for 5 years.  Pastor Jon can be contacted via e-mail at


Luke Rees

Luke is the latest addition to the staff at Calvary Chapel Morris Hills. He is the Radio Programmer for the Crossway Radio Station as well as the Facilities Manager. He is passionate about discipleship and using his gift of leading worship to serve the Lord. He is married to his lovely wife, Amanda, and they are delighted daily to have their daughter, Eleanor, bringing them joy and laughter. Luke can be contacted via e-mail at

More Leaders

Calvary Chapel Morris Hills is really served and led by many ministry leaders and volunteers. These are the people who really make the church work!