Before service

When you arrive at Calvary Chapel, you’ll be greeted by friendly people as you make your way in. Our welcome team will be wearing name badges and will be happy to help you find your way. The greeters and Calvary Connection Table are great sources of information.

We serve great coffee before and after service in our Calvary Café. It’s free and we will even let you bring a cup into service (with a lid of course!)

Children ages 12 & under are invited to participate in our awesome “Calvary Kidz” children’s church. The teachers will be wearing “Calvary Kidz” shirts or name tags to help you recognize them. If you decide not to put your kids in Children’s Church on your first visit, we have a sound proof “family room” where you can sit and view the service without being concerned about them making noise.

During service

We begin with a scripture reading and prayer and then we sing. Our songs are contemporary, easy to sing along with and the lyrics are up on a screen. After a few announcements, we hear a sermon from the Bible (we have one you can use for the service). Bible teaching is what Calvary Chapels are known for. We promise: It won’t be boring, you will understand it and the time will go very fast! We expect your life to be changed! After that, we sing another song and go.

After service

Some people leave right away, but most head to the “Calvary Café” for great coffee, bagels and all sorts of treats. Everything is free. This is perhaps the greatest opportunity for a 1st time guest to get to know the loving “flavor” of our church.

We hope to see you soon!