We all at times have needed or will need someone to guide us through life.

We have all had life altering moments, made foolish choices, been “stuck” in making decisions, been in circumstances that we have had difficulty handling and/or coping with etc. There is no shame in this, however we do lack wisdom when we fail to see it, admit it and/or seek the prayer and counsel of godly people to help us.

The pastoral care ministry of Calvary Chapel Morris Hills exists to come alongside you at this time. Our goal is to lovingly care for you and help you carry your burdens, while pointing you to the ultimate hope found in Jesus Christ.

What is the best way to experience care?

We believe that long term spiritual growth happens within the community of God’s people. We believe God has chosen to work in and through the local church.

We believe that regularly attending worship services, being part of a Community Group, and getting involved by serving in one of our many serving opportunities is part of growing in Christ. It is not only the natural desire of a growing disciple of Jesus Christ but is a way to fight isolation (perhaps the most common reason people seek out a pastor) and to be regularly challenged and encourage in love and matters of faith.

What if I need more help?

Sometimes our needs are deeper than our friendships can provide and we need to speak to a pastor or a gifted leader. For that reason, we offer pastoral care. Since we do not charge, our appointments are often booked far in advance and are limited in the number of meetings we can accommodate. We do give preference to people active in our church, however we do consider all requests and we will ask you to attend Sunday service each week we meet. We usually assign homework as well since we realize that most people get “out of it” what they “put into it.” Please note, we are not professionals and we simply offer Biblical guidance and pastoral care.

What if I need professional counseling?

Often people need the long term ongoing services of a professional counselor. Calvary Chapel Morris Hills is blessed to know some professional Biblical counselors in our area. We have allowed some of them to leave pamphlets at our info table, but ultimately the choice of a counselor is yours.

We suggest reading the following article before you decide on a counselor:



We understand that it may be difficult for you to take the first step. However, we believe that this first step can be a step toward healing, reconciliation, and peace. So take courage and make the step by simply contacting us via email at info@ccmorrishills.org, with “requesting an appointment” in the subject line, and someone will get back to you for the details. If you prefer, you may contact us during office hours.

If for some reason you do not want to contact the church or you have trouble connecting with us and are in an emergency situation and need help, please call 911 immediately.